BIG DRUM BONANZA 2014… After the show!

This man comes from Austria. We met at a drum workshop with Thomas Lang in Poland in Warsaw. He’s very nice person and very good drummer. He went this year on percussion workshops BIG DRUM BONANZA to California which organized the Thomas Lang. He learned from the best drummers in the world such as, Matt Garstka, Chris Coleman, Derek Roddy, Aquiles Priester and Gergo Borlai and also Thomas Lang. In his first interview in his life. He decided to share with us, what happened in California in the BDB. Ladies and gentlemen, special for you, from left in the picture, WOLFGANG PLATZER.


I want to ask you, why did you going to California on BDB, it’s a very long way man, right?

Because Thomas told me about BDB after drum camp in Poland. I talked to him about what I can do, to be a professional drummer and he told me to be there, because this would be a big thing for me! I traveled from Frankfurt straight, so It wasn’t a very long trip. 11hours! The shuttle trip was crazy! About 2 hours from the airport to hotel!

What did you feel when you going to the BDB?

First excitement, because it was so far away from home and it was my first time to be in America all by myself! Second excitement, because it was important things about drumming, technics and about the work as a professional!

Is it like the feeling when you get the first LEGO?

In working international, yes! It’s like you’re already a professional! Travelling for drumming!

Are you happy now?

Yes, very happy! You see exactly how it is to be a pro drummer and when you know it, you know what you got to do!

Tell me how they looked workshops?

It was like the boot camp in Poland, but only half day!

1. Half of the day workshop on practicing pats

2. Half of the day, drum channel, where you see everyone play – solos, play along and together. Combined with teaching and explaining.

And all happens right in the studio of drum channel!

Now you know what to do to become a professional drummer?

Yeah, but honestly, I learned more about that in Poland. Big Drum Bonanza is more show and seeing them all! The drum boot camps are more personal I guess. I didn’t see Thomas that often, but you see more pro’s. For me it was great and important that I was in Poland camp before!


What are the impressions left on you Derek Roddy, Matt Garstka, Chris Coleman, Gergo Aquiles Priester and Borlai?

I got very different impressions from everyone. Let me tell you:

Derek Roddy: I learned a lot of about technic and sound, and a lot of feeling. That was a big surprise for me!

Matt Garstka: We learned about practicing efficiently and about learning to think – how he’s able to think while drumming and also about the patterns and so on!

Chris Coleman: Showed us all how to count while playing and a lot of about feeling in music. His workshops were a lot of fun! He’s such a funny guy an you can’t stop laughing… He’s an amazing person, positive and friendly.

Aquiles Priester: Showed us some cool chops and told us how to practice speed with all limps.

Gergo Borlai: Showed us a lot of developing speed and „target practice”.

Did you meet with Agnieszka Trzeszczak from Poland?

Yes of course! It was great to see her again.

Were you at the factory DW?

Yes I was. It was really amazing!


What do you think about the big factory?

You could see the whole building process. John good popped out of the factory, while we were waiting to get in and he screamed: „What are you doing here guys?!”. It was very fun! We also got into a showroom. Thomas said that the drum channel and the DW factory wouldn’t be far away from hotel! It took an hour to go there – that’s America!

What you need to become a professional drummer?

Good question! First the most important thing is, that you are an extremely good drummer – really! That’s what Thomas said to me. Second most important thing is, social ability – don’t be an asshole! Nobody wants to play with assholes, that’s true! If people like beeing with you, and you are good, than you got the job!


Is it true, if you want to make a big career, do you must go to LA?

It depends where you live, I guess. If there is any musical culture! Thomas said that you should go to LA, because everything happens there. If there where you live, is a lot of concerts and local artist support, you can stay there, but I think it’s not bad to be at least some time in LA.

Tell me something about this guys, Derek, Matt, Chris, Gergo, Aquiles, Thomas. How thay are as persons?

Derek is a really handsome man, extremely friendly, kind and also really funny!

Matt is really interesting. He has very unique thoughts and that’s what you can see in his playing, very modern!

Chris is a phenomenal for me. He’s such a funny guy, always smiling, always joking, you can laugh all the time, seriously, all the time!

Gergo is a bit more silent than the others, but his playing is even louder. He’s very polite and friendly. Awesome guy.

Aquiles, is also very friendly and very cool. He may be the coolest of them all. He plays always with a chewing gum!

Thomas is the showman! He can make a show out of everything. Always entertaining and joking.


I should go to the next edition of the BDB?

Yes! That’s would be great for you. You should make an entry to the play alongs contest next year.


If you get in the top ten, it’s getting cheaper and when you get there and you are top ten, then you can play the play along live on drum channel. You are the opener for the live stream. Everyday, one play at the beginning on Thomas kit!


California is very friendly and open to all?

Yes extremely. It’s America, It’s always international.

If you are friendly, have passion, hardworking, you can go there and try to be on top?

Yes sure. When it’s happening, It happens there.

Ok man, what now, do you start realize program from BDB?

Yes, I will start completely new again. New efficient practicing.

Great! Good luck and see you on stage.

Thank you and good luck you too my friend!


Interviewed: Paweł „Larro” Larysz

Photos and conversation: Wolfgang Platzer